Board of Directors

A Message from the President

Dear Friends,

2017 was a momentous year for the Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation. Since completing construction on a comprehensive healthcare center and dormitory in July 2014, our physicians have been equipped with the resources to treat patients who at one time lacked access to healthcare. Together, and in partnership with our Honduran colleagues, we are empowering the people of Santa Ana with better health while also building a new generation of health professionals who can provide optimal care and improve health in rural, resource-poor areas.

But our work is not yet done. This year, we are working to improve dental and eye care for patients by providing expertise and equipment during our international brigades. We are also implementing a comprehensive Zika tracking and prevention program with the help of the local health committee in Santa Ana. Your generous support makes all of this possible! Please continue to join us as we work shoulder to shoulder with our Honduran colleagues to promote health and prevent suffering.  

With deep gratitude for your continued support,

Robert Parkerson, M.D.
President, HSTS Foundation

Head Chair

Stephen Spann, M.D., M.B.A.
Chief Medical Officer, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Robert Parkerson, M.D., MPH
Professor, Department of Medicine, Infectious Disease, Baylor College of Medicine


Fareed Khan, M.D.
Family Practice Physician, Northwest Community Health Center 

Board of Directors

Neima Briggs
M.D./Ph.D. Candidate, UT Health/MD Anderson Cancer Center

Peggy Goetz, M.D.
Pediatrician, Legacy Community Health and Board President and Founder, ProSalud

Hubert Ho, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Pediatrician, Texas Children's Pediatrics

Jolly Johnson, D.D.S.

Jeffrey McNear
Founder, Tricon Energy, Ltd.

Ricardo Nuila, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Lloyd Pate, O.D.
Associate Clinical Professor, University of Houston College of Optometry

Brian Reed, M.D.

Veronica Leautaud, Ph.D.
Director, Beyond Traditional Borders, Rice University

Patricia Vowels, M.D.

Urvashi Firozi

Shelby Ragsdale