Brigades from BCM

Houston Shoulder to Shoulder's medical brigades provide primary, dental, and eye care to the people of Santa Ana and the surrounding area, supporting and enhancing the work of the permanent clinic and medical staff.  These groups also design and implement public health education and research projects to improve health and self-sufficiency at the community level and increase the impact of clinical interventions. 

Brigades provide much needed healthcare to the under-served community of Santa Ana, while offering life-changing experiences to medical, dental, optometry, and other health sciences students. Through these brigades, Houston Shoulder to Shoulder strives not only to serve the community of Santa Ana, but also to train a new generation of global health leaders to provide care and improve health in resource-poor regions

Our Partners

Our brigade volunteers represent many institutions from the Houston area. We are proud to provide opportunities for medical students and professionals to learn about and address the healthcare needs of Santa Ana and the surrounding communities.