Specialty Care

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Dental Care

Since October 2007, under the leadership of Dr. Jolly Johnson, Houston Shoulder to Shoulder has provided dental care to the Santa Ana area during medical brigades. Both dental and medical students have the opportunity to rotate through dentistry stations where they are introduced to skills not often encountered in a traditional medical education. Rather than enduring the pain caused by cavities and other dental problems, the people of Santa Ana now have access to comprehensive dental treatment.

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Since May 2004, under the leadership of Dr. Lloyd Pate, teams from the University of Houston School of Optometry have provided eye care in Santa Ana as part of Houston Shoulder to Shoulder medical brigades. Medical students on the brigades have the opportunity to rotate through optometry and practice doing fundoscopic exams.  Teams help relieve visual complaints from patients and evaluate internal ocular health with direct ophthalmoscopy.  Most patients have good internal ocular health, but some have retinal scarring and cataracts.  Outfitting the clinic with equipment for the Optometry suite will enable teams to provide better eye care for Santa Ana and the surrounding community.