The Clinic

Meet Our Staff

Our staff works year-round in the clinic and pharmacy to provide consistent medical care to the people of Santa Ana.

Specialty Care

During our medical brigades, physicians from Houston offer optometry and dental services to the people of Santa Ana.

 "A famous professor once said, '…if social issues are the cause of disease, then social solutions should be the remedy.' Many things can be accomplished if we accept the challenge of working together, shoulder to shoulder."

- Dr. Carol Gomez, Medical Director

Breaking Ground

Thanks to your donations, we completed construction on Santa Ana's first medical clinic in 2014. Our clinic provides primary care services for patients of all ages from Santa Ana and the surrounding communities. Facilities currently include dental and optometry suites, an emergency center, consultation rooms, a laboratory, pharmacy, and dormitories for visiting doctors and students.

Our clinic is operated year-round by Dr. Carol Gomez and her team. Groups of medical professionals and students regularly travel to Santa Ana to conduct large scale health initiatives. During this time, our volunteer medical workers care for a large volume of patients from many surrounding communities. When the volunteer teams depart, our medical staff follows up with many of these patients and provides consistent medical treatment and care through out the year.