Profile: Dr. Gregorio Yañez

Dr. Gregorio Yañez was born and raised in Santa Ana, Honduras. After exhibiting a deep interest in medicine, the Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation funded his medical education.  Beatriz Thames of the University of Houston recounts her experience working with Dr. Yañez as he cares for patients in his community.


While working in the Shoulder to Shoulder clinic, I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Gregorio. I listened as he spoke to a patient with lupus who could not afford to be treated in the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, our clinic is still not equipped with all the necessary diagnostic tests and medications to treat her. However, Dr. Gregorio insisted that she continue coming back to the clinic. He said that even if she could not be fully treated yet, monitoring and management of her illness with the medications that we did have in stock would still help with her pain. This was one of the most profound and memorable experiences I had at the clinic. Despite the many challenges this clinic and the people who are treated here face, everyone is persistent and resourceful. They make the best of whatever situation they face and are relentlessly working towards improving for the future. As students who have been welcomed into this community and are inspired by their resilience, vitality, and noble cause, we want to continue contributing to their growth and progress by gathering support here from the Houston community.

Beatriz Thames, University of Houston Honors College, Undergraduate

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